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Keeping the Weather Valve Closed (0%) After Water (DHW) Heating


Hi! I am new here and I apologize beforehand if this is not the right topic for my question.

I have a 16 kW NBE RTB that is used both for heating and warm water production. All the systems are located in a separate boiler building outside the house. The temperate in the house is controlled by a simple Salus RT310 thermostat Whenever the desired temperature is reached, the boiler is stopped by external contact.

It has been my first heating season and the system has worked well so far. However, with outside temperature rising there are days when I no longer need to heat the house (and the actual temperature in the house is well above the set temperature when the thermostat would signal the boiler to heat), just keep the water temperature, I've noticed that the heat is still occasionally sent to the house (after DHW stops), even if for very short periods. It seems that the weather valve is kept open after DHW production, but I am not sure. Is there a way to prevent this from happening other than turning of weather regulation off altogether?

Another issue is that, when the weather regulation is off, and the heat doesn't get to the house, the system (when looking at the consumption graph) still shows that the house was getting heat.


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